Meet Ángel Obando

Ángel is one of the happiest little kids you’ll ever meet. He’s a smiling 2-year-old boy who absolutely loves his family. One of his favorite things to do is watch his grandma cook and be her official taste-tester. He lives with his two parents and one older brother. He and his brother are extremely close and every afternoon they play soccer together. Ángel is blessed with a loving family, but not everything has been easy for him. He was born with an extreme case of cleft palate and cleft lip. Knowing this had to be corrected quickly, Ángel’s parents immediately sought help.

Seeing that my baby had this horrible defect in his mouth was very scary for me. I knew what this would entail for his future and I wanted to do anything I could to fix it. My husband and I searched for the best way to help Ángel.
Caregiver at Virgen del Socorro

They took Ángel to the Children’s Stomatology Center led by Dr. Rodolfo Asensio, a world renowned surgeon specializing in operations for children with cleft palate and cleft lip. Ángel achieved a full reconstruction of his palate, but the doctor still predicted his language development, along with swallowing and mastication capabilities, would be impaired.

A cleft palate can cause serious language complications, even if it’s fully repaired. It’s essential that children with this condition receive proper care, or else there’s a serious chance it will hinder their development.
Clara, CompleteSpeech Therapist

It was at Dr. Asensio’s clinic that the family learned about FAST. In November 2016, Ángel was fortunate enough to be chosen for a sponsorship by FAST. He quickly got to work starting speech therapy with CompleteSpeech. Because of his young age, it was determined that Ángel wasn’t ready to start using the SmartPalate, but there were still plenty of things to work on. He started in the “Timely Stimulation of Language” program which was well suited for his young age. Before speech therapy, Ángel could only point or make gestures to communicate with people. After just a few months his progress was tremendous. Ángel could say multiple words clearly including “ hello”, “goodbye”, “I want that”, “give me”, “Mom”, “Dad”, and “I love you.”

When I met Ángel, he didn’t like other people talking to him. He was very shy and just wanted to be with his parents. Now he greets us all and is happy to be around other people.
Nestor, CompleteSpeech Representative

Being able to communicate with those around him broke Ángel out of his shell, and his personality was able to shine through. His parents are so thankful for the improvements they’ve seen in him, and know that none of this would have been possible for Ángel without his sponsorship from FAST.