Meet Armando Chacat

Armando is one of the bravest men you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting. He is a 38 year old who never lets an obstacle keep him from achieving his goals. He was the sole provider for his family doing masonry work, which provided enough for a comfortable life. Two years ago, a single event changed the life of Armando and his family. Armando suffered a brain hemorrhage which caused him to have a stroke. There was no explanation or cause. Armando was a very healthy man and no one could have seen this coming. He was left with severe paralysis and coordination dysfunctions. Someone who once relied on his hands to make a living had now lost the control and movement of his limbs. He was unable to perform many basic functions for himself, including the ability to speak. Armando’s Family, overwhelmed with the situation, abandoned him at a local hospital.

Armando arrived one day and then his family just disappeared. We had no information on them, after several times of trying to contact them, we eventually gave up. Armando’s situation was simply too much for them to handle.
Nurse at Hospital Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro

After being stabilized in the hospital, Armando was transferred to a home called “Virgen del Socorro.” The nurses took care of him there and tried to make the best of Armando’s situation. He received several types of physical therapies and his nutrition was constantly monitored by a nurse. Even though this was the care Armando needed, he was still discouraged. He used to be the sole provider for his family, and now he couldn’t even feed himself. Emotionally this was very challenging for Armando. His caretakers tried to reteach him pronunciation, but nothing was working. They could see how hard Armando was trying, which made his lack of progress even more discouraging.

I would try to teach him to say some words that would help him communicate, which, he would eventually say some of them, but with great difficulty.
Caregiver at Virgen del Socorro

Luckily, there was hope for Armando. After hearing his unique story, he was chosen to receive a FAST sponsorship and begin speech therapy with CompleteSpeech. He was incredibly thankful for this opportunity and began working right away. Learning how to use the SmartPalate system was very challenging at first. Armando grew concerned this would be similar to his other failed attempts, but he persevered. After the first few months Armando began making large improvements. He relearned control of his tongue and mouth and was able to pronounce several different sounds.

When I started working with Armando, he always looked discouraged. When he started using the SmartPalate, I realized how motivated he was getting and I began to see him becoming more and more enthusiastic. Little by little he is learning to speak again. With the SmartPalate, he was able put his tongue in the right spot for the sounds he was relearning.
Clara, CompleteSpeech Therapist

After only one year of working with the SmartPalate, Armando was discharged from speech therapy. He can say complete sentences, hold conversations, and even makes jokes! The progress he’s made in one year is astounding. On the last day of his therapy, Armando recited a poem to his therapist, thanking her for the many hours of help she provided.

I couldn’t be happier to finish therapy. I didn’t think I would ever talk again. To the people who sponsored me, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.