Meet Carlos Mutas

Carlos is a well rounded boy who enjoys several hobbies including spending time in the kitchen and preparing delicious desserts. He’s only 12 years old, but hopes to become a great pastry chef one day. Besides baking, Carlos loves being outside and playing football with his friends and watching movies. Carlos lives with his two parents with whom he’s very close to. Carlos hasn’t always been the social kid he is today. At birth, he was diagnosed with profound hearing loss which heavily influenced his relationships with peers growing up. He was extremely shy and never enjoyed being around many people out of fear that they wouldn’t understand him.

I really like the movie Happy Feet, because nobody understood the penguin for being different. That’s how I felt.

Carols’ parents saw that public school wasn’t the right fit, so they enrolled him in a school that specialized in education for the deaf and hard of hearing. Although his parents didn’t have the means to afford this, they worked as hard as they could to provide their son with the best opportunity possible. Carlos learned how to read and write but his speech never completely developed. The school he attended provided speech therapy but he never made sufficient progress. His parents wanted to help his speech but simply couldn’t afford it financially. They did some research and discovered the FAST sponsorships through CompleteSpeech. They submitted an application for Carlos immediately, and in 2015, he was one of the first applicants selected for the sponsorship.

It was a great blessing to know our son would learn to speak with the therapy provided by FAST. He actually enjoys using the technology CompleteSpeech has, which makes this process even better.
Carlos’ Mother

At the beginning of therapy, Carlos could only communicate through signs and gestures. Within only 10 months, he was able to say complete sounds including /m,/ /l,/ /t,/ /s,/ /a,/ /o,/ /u,/ and /z/. At the end of 2016, Carlos had progressed even further and could say entire words. This was outstanding improvement considering he started completely nonverbal. Carlos began developing relationships with people. This is when he truly broke out of his shell and became the social child he is today.

His confidence has increased a lot, now he participates in class, talks with his peers, and overall is much more confident.
Carlos’ Teacher

Carlos doesn’t have much therapy left; they expect him to graduate in 3 months! His parents are so surprised, hearing their son talk is a joy they never thought they’d experience. Being able to speak has changed Carlos’ whole life. He’s making friends and his dream of becoming a famous baker can now become a reality thanks to sponsors like you.