Meet Dévora Sofía

Dévora is a cheerful 3-year-old girl whose smile shines brightly whenever you talk to her. It’s amazing how she’s constantly happy despite the difficult past she’s endured. Devora was born with cerebral palsy, and upon discovering her disability, her family abandoned her as a newborn in a garbage bag at a local park in San Marcos, Guatemala. She was discovered and given to the local authorities. Seeing that her health was very poor they took her to the hospital. Dévora was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, and although she received treatment, it caused a permanent delay in her development. After her condition was stabilized, Dévora was taken to live at the ANINI organization.

Dévora receives very little stimulation simply because she can’t move out of her bed by herself. Her physical condition prohibits her from doing many things on her own.
ANINI Caregiver

After being admitted into the ANINI organization, Dévora began treatment for her disabilities. She began to receive stimulation therapy to help her develop motor skills. After learning of Dévora’s story, she was selected to receive a sponsorship from FAST in 2016. For the time being, she has begun basic speech therapy with CompleteSpeech. This therapy will help her learn how to control her mouth and tongue movements. Soon, she will be ready to use the SmartPalate system which will help her greatly. Dévora is a very bright girl and with time and determination, she will soon thrive in speech therapy. This sponsorship is allowing Dévora to increase her chances at a better future, giving her the essential skills that she needs. She will most likely need several years of speech therapy but currently has only been sponsored for a year. Please help by sponsoring her so that she can continue to get the help she needs.

Devora is a very determined young girl and we are so excited for the progress that is happening and that which is still to come.
Clara, CompletSpeech Therapist