Meet Luis Morales

Luis, an energetic 8-year-old boy who loves adventure and is always playing outside with his friends. Luis dreams of becoming a racecar driver someday. He lives with his loving parents and brother. The closeness of his family helped Luis through very difficult times growing up. Luis was diagnosed at birth with Hydrocephalus, which resulted in serious developmental delays. All of this greatly affected his speech and language development.

When Luis was born, the doctor told us that he had Hydrocephalus and thank goodness they caught it in time, which saved his life. Although he survived, the doctor told us there would be developmental consequences later in life. I knew this would be an ongoing challenge for the rest of our lives.
Luis’s Mother

Among the issues that Luis faced were his physical disabilities. He could barely walk, move his head or arms, or control his mouth. Being such an enthusiastic boy, these disabilities suppressed his personality and stifled his development. The trouble he had with controlling his tongue and mouth made speech very challenging. His parents sent him to speech therapy for two years, but there was little progress. Luis and his parents were left disappointed with his inability to communicate and lack of improvement after two years of therapy.

We did our best to give Luis the attention he needed to improve his language but the progress was slow and he wasn’t advancing as we had hoped he would. It was very difficult to see our son struggle to speak with no way of for us to help him.
Luis’s Father

Discouraged by the lack of progress, Luis’s parents focused on his intellectual disabilities instead of speech. They enrolled him in a specialized educational center, and although this was beneficial for Luis, his speech still did not improve. Noticing the trouble he had with language and speech development, the director of Luis’s education center informed his parents about FAST.

I saw how desperately this family needed the sponsorship, so I had to inform them of this incredible opportunity. I knew Luis had the potential to speak, all he needed was a little help.
Director of Brillo del Sol

After learning more about FAST, Luis’s parents knew the tools provided by CompleteSpeech through the FAST sponsorship would help their son in ways traditional therapy never could. They applied for the sponsorship and in 2016, Luis was selected out of hundreds of other applicants to start receiving speech therapy. After just five months of using the SmartPalate, Luis corrected all of his pronunciation issues and was released from therapy! His parents, once discouraged, were now overjoyed and incredibly proud of their son’s progress. Luis can finally express himself and is open to a new world of possibilities. Nothing can stop Luis from having the adventures of his dreams.

It was very easy to learn. All I had to do was look at the computer and I could see where I had to place my tongue, and then I did it. I did something that I hadn’t done in the all the therapy I had received before. I love being able to talk to other people and am thankful for the chance I had to work with the therapists at CompleteSpeech.