Meet Moisés Jimón

Moises is a 19-year-old boy who has a passion for technology and dreams of being a technical engineer. Moises has kept a consistently optimistic and cheerful attitude throughout his life despite all of the trials he has endured. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age, which delayed nearly all of his development, including his language capabilities. Realizing he required more care than they could provide, Moises’s parents moved him to a home specifically for patients suffering with cerebral palsy. There, he was able to receive the attention and care needed for his condition, and even though Moises doesn’t live with his family anymore, his parents still visit him frequently to show their love and support.

It was very difficult to try to help my son when we didn’t even know what he needed. So, with my wife, we decided to take him to a place where they can help him much more than we could, so that he could have a better life. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
Moises’s Father

Cerebral palsy can cause a plethora of problems in a patient’s life. Despite all of the difficulties Moises has faced, his inability to speak correctly was by far one of his greatest struggles. He had a very hard time controlling the movement of his mouth and tongue, causing serious problems with his pronunciation. Others had a very difficult time understanding what he said.

Moises had been given speech therapy for a couple of years in the first home he lived in but the progress was minimal. He was frustrated when he couldn’t communicate well enough for people to understand him so he preferred most of the time to simply not to talk to anyone.
Caregiver at Casa Esperanza

Everything changed for Moises in 2015. He was sponsored by FAST and began receiving speech therapy using the SmartPalate. Prior to this, Moises spent two years in therapy with no progress. In only six months he gained far better control of his tongue and mouth movements than ever thought possible. Now, a little over a year later, with pronunciation that’s clear and easy to understand, Moises can finally communicate with people around him.

I was happy when I saw my tongue made the right contact on the screen and what I said was understood better. That made me so happy.

The SmartPalate technology is truly what helped Moises’s speech and language development progress further than ever before. Being able to see his tongue placement while speaking gave him a new perspective that was easy for him to understand. With the progress he’s making now, Moises is expected to finish therapy in the next few months. Even though his condition limits him from ever reaching full speech capabilities, Moises tries to always overcome and push his limitations. His sponsorship allowed him to reach goals that were thought to be impossible before.