University of Nevada, Reno

The University of Reno, Nevada (UNR) was awarded a FAST sponsorship in August 2015. This sponsorship was for 2016 – 2017 and included various services and products by CompleteSpeech. Prior to the awarded sponsorship, UNR had no experience with the SmartPalate System by CompleteSpeech or FAST. The following is an excerpt of one success story from the summary report we received from UNR reviewing the stories and progress of some of the students they used the SmartPalate with.

EH’s Story

Number of Sessions: 12

EH began sessions at the UNR Clinic Summer semester of 2016 working into the Fall semester of the same year, having attended 4 years of speech therapy prior to her time with us. She had been working on /s/, /z/, /s/ clusters and lateral lisp prior to coming to UNR. As per her IEP we continued to work on these areas during her time with us. EH was selected as a candidate to receive the SmartPalate system as she had continued difficulty mastering these speech sounds through traditional therapy in their school speech therapy sessions.

The SmartPalate was primarily used as a warm-up tool. EH did not have any difficulty with the SmartPalate System in therapy sessions. Her mother also stated that she had no issues using the system at home either. Although we utilized the SmartPalate more in her second semester, we generally started each session with 10-15 minutes of attempting /s/ in isolation, as well as pairing /s/ with vowels. Her primary goal with the palate was to eliminate the “pancaking” of the back of her tongue.

The SmartPalate helped EH finally figure out what she was doing wrong. She had a visual aid showing her that she was ‘pancaking’ her tongue instead of creating a ‘tunnel’ for her /s/ sounds.
Parent of EH

In the beginning of her treatment period, EH required up to 10 minutes to eliminate her “pancaking” using the SmartPalate, taking longer without it. In the second to last session with the SmartPalate, EH eliminated her “pancaking” in 3 attempts. In the last session EH did not demonstrate any “pancaking” at any point during that session and immediately matched the correct /s/ placement.

The SmartPalate program has proven to be an invaluable tool for my client. The clarity it can bring to an often abstract concept is priceless.
Jessica, Student Clinician