Utah State University

FAST is proud to sponsor individual students as well as universities and institutions. Over the past few years, we have been able to see the results of 5 sponsored speech programs in different Universities. Here are some of the experiences shared by the Communicative Disorder and Deaf Education Department at Utah State University (Ask a FAST representative for the full 14 student and outreach program report):

11 year-old female client

She had lateralized /s/ and /z/ phonemes. She was amazing! She was extremely motivated while attending 8 summer term sessions using the SmartPalate. She had the technology figured out in just a few sessions and would set it up and run through her drills without the clinician assistance. At the end of summer, it was recommended that she continue treatment in the fall, but after attending one session, she was dismissed from treatment. She only required 9 sessions using the SmartPalate to remediate the lateralized phonemes.

12-year-old male client

He had been receiving speech services since age 3 to correct a lateralized /s/, /z/, /sh/, and a really stubborn /l/ problem. This family came from Evanston, WY for 4 treatment sessions in June, and 8 sessions in July. The child was released from treatment with perfect speech after using the SmartPalate in 12 sessions. This client was being made fun of at school, was really struggling with his speech, was really discouraged, and hated his school speech therapy because he couldn’t see it helping. He was very skeptical when they came for an Outpatient Evaluation, and his mom didn’t know if she was going to be able to talk him into trying it. When the supervisor got her SmartPalate and showed him how it worked, he was excited to try it. He said, “Mom, this is so cool! I think this will help.”

16 year-old female client

“She has been in speech therapy since she was 18 months old. They have specifically been targeting her /r/ productions exclusively for 5 years through the school district. We got the opportunity to do the SmartPalate therapy at USU. It was amazing. It quickly corrected her /r/. She mastered the /r/ in everyday speech to a non-familiar listener in one semester. We did a once a week monitor the following semester to be sure it stuck. The technology and immediate feedback made all the difference for her. We had done everything anyone suggested with little benefit. Thank you! She is thrilled to finally be released from speech, and I haven’t had anyone ask me if we adopted her from Australia in almost a year.”